To those who have just got engaged then a huge congratulations to you all!! To all those who are in the early stages of planning and organising a wedding, you may be finding it is a bit of a mad time trying to get your head around the fact you have whole wedding to plan - fear not!! To get you thinking here is the ultimate starter checklist of items you need to consider when planning your wedding!!

It is not a complete and detailed list it is just the things that you need to start thinking about and deciding if you do or don't want them as part of your wedding day. Yes there is a lot in it but it's just a guideline to help you on your way to what will be a very special, personal and fabulous wedding day!! We hope it is helpful........

  • What time of the year and what day do you want to get married?
  • What type of wedding do you want?
  • Decide on a reasonable and realistic budget - yes we said reasonable and realistic!
  • Pick your wedding party - think about this, they all need to get on and be able to put you first!
  • Do a rough guest list so you have an idea of how many guests when you go venue shopping!
  • Visit venues and book your venue as soon as you can places book up fast!
  • Book your Celebrant, Officiant or Church - these are also in huge demand and book out quickly!
  • Book your ceremony venue soon if it does not come with the venue.
  • Music for the ceremony and wedding reception - you can have any type anywhere!
  • Florist - the good ones are gone fast!.
  • Photographer - again do as soon as you can the best book out quickly!
  • Videographer - special memories recorded!
  • Caterers if needed.
  • Entertainment - Ah sure why not!
  • Make-up - an absolute for all the bridal party and a lovely treat to have some one do it for you!!
  • Hair - another absolute!
  • Cake - so many options!
  • Rings - can't get married without them!
  • At least 3 month notification of intention to marry to the Registrar - no getting married without it! 
  •  Wedding transport - if needed, don't walk especially not in those heels!
  • The Dress and the bridal party dresses - this is where the fun starts!! Oh and the shoes!!!
  • The Grooms and Groomsmen attire - not so much fun!
  •  The Honeymoon - this is the all essential, make sure you treat yourselves!!

Our advice yes planning carefully and fully is so important but even important is that you have fun and enjoy this special time. Do what you want not what others expect or want - don't let them wreck your head!!

Happy Planning Everyone!!

Melanie + Isobel   xxxx