If you, like a lot of couples at the moment, are in the middle of organinsing your wedding you may have found yourself a bit stuck when it comes to how to decorate your venue and where to get the props in which to do so.     

Some people like to buy props but the cheapest and easiest option is always to hire. When you hire props you have a lot more options available to you and you can hire things that you could never afford or never be able to buy. Basically, the sky is the limit when it comes to hiring props for your wedding. Our advice - have fun and just go for it!!

At The Wedding Festival we have a large and varied collection of props to hire that includes the necessary, the interesting and the ‘Oh I just have to have that!’ kind of props.

Our collection includes wedding essentials, party products, eclectic props, décor hire, handcrafted items and much more. We also offer a bespoke prop hire service where we can make or source a specific prop for you for your wedding. 

Our prop selection promises to inspire and excite and provide those finishing touches that bring an event to life. To have a look at our full collection just press this magical button!!

Here are some of our favourite props to help inspire you...

Prop Photos Taken by Nuria Canestro, Momento Photogrpahic Studio

Main Cover Photo Taken by Elaine Barker Photography