24th May 2015 - Today we are so proud to be Irish!!

All here at The Wedding Festival have woken up today with a great big smile on our faces!! It is now definite that the YES vote on equality has won and we are delighted, relieved and proud!!

It is not often that we have a vote, event or incident that brings the whole country together. The vote on equality has done this but in a way that we here at The Wedding Festival have not experienced before. The effort, understanding and support that the majority of Irish people from home and abroad have shown over the last few days is inspirational, admirable and lets be honest feckin’ well fantastic!!

We recognise that this was not an easy topic for some and that a lot of people struggled with their decision on what to vote. We understand the issues put forward by the NO campaign although we may not agree with them, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

This campaign touched everyone, young and old, gay and not gay, tall and small, male and female…. It brought us together because we believe in equality and acceptance and today we can say with great pride and elation Ireland stands for these things and stands together!!

Congratulations to all who worked so hard on this campaign and who stood up and said YES YES YES!!