So Colour Of The Year 2017 is Greenery! and yes it is lovely and yes it is great but how well is this colour going to work for weddings? Like really work?

Firstly, what is it - Pantone describe it as "nature's neutral" and a "fresh and zesty-yellow green shade". Now we are big fans of this colour but let's be honest, it kinda already is a colour that is always present at weddings and usually comes in the form of foliage, flowers and surroundings!! So fashion and interiors will benefit greatly from this fabulous colour however weddings have kinda been there, done that and will continue to use it long after 2017!!

On another note that's not to say we can't push it that little bit more in how we style our weddings, it is after all a fantastic colour to mix and match with other colours. You can do anything from natural and rustic right to deep and daring but mainly you can have fun with it!

So Greenery for weddings, it's not exactly new but it is a great colour that we can easily work with. So let's see how it is being used in fashion and interiors and see if we can get any new ideas and inspiration for weddings - you never know what we may find!!

Here are a few examples of how we have used Greenery in weddings we have done....