Getting married now brings you a lot more options and freedom than years gone by and it is all good - thankfully!!

One of those changes is the option to get married in alternative venues and ceremony locations. This brings an exciting and interesting element to getting married as you are  not limited to a church or registry office. The downside to this is that you don't always get the drama and impact that a church can have. The answer to this is the wedding backdrop!! 

The wedding backdrop is simply a decorative structure and is usually placed at the top of the venue as a back drop to the ceremony and the couple. These may come with the venue or if not they can be hired or you could make it yourself. 

Having a wedding backdrop may not be top of your to-do list but it is something you should consider. It will be one of the most photographed locations on your wedding day as most people (including your photographer!) will want to take photos of the newly married couple. Having your own distinguishable wedding backdrop also means that your guests will never look back and not know whose wedding it is! 

It also sets the scene for the rest of the day and connects with your overall wedding style and decor. It can lift your ceremony venue to something ordinary to something personal and individual.

When your ceremony is over you could also use your backdrop as a backdrop for your sweet table, dessert table, or photo booth - nothing like a bit of recycling!! 

Here we have put together some of our favourite 27  Wedding Backdrops. We hope you enjoy our selection and get some ideas for your own wedding ceremony. Please let us know you thoughts in the comment section - we would love to get the feedback!! 

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