Yesterday we featured Emily'+ Ben's wedding from Chic Vintage Brides on our Facebook Page. We loved that it was so different and full of fun, stylish and creative elements. However what stood out for us was that the wedding completely reflected the couple and who they were. It was about them and doing what they wanted on their wedding day - Yes it can be done!!

We thought that the pearls of wisdom from the bride were definitely worth a mention to all our brides to be...... 

 “The best advice I was given was actually from my sister. It’s super lame, but she kept saying “You do you”. It helped me to realise that it was our day and what we wanted was best, not what tradition dictates or family expects.

Be you. The brides on Pinterest aren’t you, your family aren’t you, no one knows you better than you. It sounds very Dr Seuss, but its true. If you do don’t want to do something, don’t. If you want to do something completely out of the box, do! You’ll regret trying to please everyone, when everyone only wants to see you happy.” (Emily, Married, Featured in Chic Vintage Brides)