The words 'you wedding day' evokes feelings of romance, love, fun times and happily ever after - true? I think most people would definitely say yes to this question but then at the back of all this lies the dreaded expense, the bills and the money you will need to pay for it all...

We work closely with all our couples on how they can get the wedding they want within a budget they can afford. Many couples plan the wedding they want, even if it is only in conversation or in their head, before they look at the costs and what they can afford. And this is fine and perfectly normal as weddings after all are made of dreams, wants and desires....

But yes back to the bills! Here is a quick and easy tool we give to all our couples before we get in to budgets, wedding details and wedding plans. We ask each of them to fill this out separately and then share their results and look at them together and draw an overall list of priority that they are both happy with!!

By ranking their priority from 1-10 they can then decide on the areas most important to you. This will then help you identify areas where you can save money by cutting costs on the things that are least important to you and then having the budget to spend on the things most important to you!

So give it a go and see where you can cut costs and see what's most important to you both individually and then to you both as a couple!! 

Please Rank In Order Of Priority From 1-10  (1 being the most important, 10 being the least important) 

__  Ceremony Type or Ceremony Location 

__  Time Of The Year / Day Of The Week 

__  Guest List 

__  Food + Drink 

__  Ambiance 

__  Reception Setting 

__  Wedding Dress / Attire 

__  Music 

__  Mementos (Photos + Video) 

__  Other …................. 

**We hope you enjoyed doing this exercise! We'd love to get your feedback on what you thought of it and if you found it useful....


Melanie + Isobel