Sometimes choosing a vintage style wedding does not have to be vintage-Y!!

When people think of a vintage wedding they have an immediate image of old stuff, floral designs, jam jars and lace ribbons. However choosing a vintage style and look for your wedding does not necessarily mean you have to keep to the traditional vintage look!!

When we are developing a wedding style with a couple we love to do something different while still making sure it reflects the couples personality. We would always encourage couples to have some fun with whatever style they choose, be brave and put their stamp on it!!

You don't have to go all out on doing something different with how you style your wedding, it just has to be thoughtful, considered and possible to do. It can be something you add to the bigger things or in the smaller details but whichever you choose just have fun with it and go for it!!

Here are a few photos from a recent styling project we did for The Spectacular Vintage Wedding Fair. The theme was Vintage Tea Rooms and the setting was an old country house hotel. We kept to the vintage look but we gave it an edge by introducing bright colours with the traditional elements. We added the bright colours through the flowers, china and black and white tablecloths with a bright trim. The overall look was relaxed, fun and a little bit unexpected!! We hope you like it....

Photo credit to Ana Dorado at